This is the day …

Have you ever noticed that every day you seem to encounter someone that has something to say about the weather? Maybe your spouse said to you this morning, “Looks like it’s gonna be cold today.” Or maybe a co-worker said, “Can you believe how hot it is out there?” Or how about your comment to the grocery store checkout clerk, “I am so tired of all this rain!”

I know that for most of us this is all idle chit-chat, designed to make conversation and connect us with the people and the world around us. But underlying the comments seems to be a hidden agenda. Hidden even from our own minds and hearts. There oftentimes seems to be a sense of discontent with the our present state of being, as if we awakened in the morning and something in our world wasn’t … quite … right. How difficult we make things out to be when we forget to simply say thank you for THIS day!

We are reminded in scripture that God created the heavens and the earth , night and day, and said, “It is good.” We are also reminded in scripture to offer up our prayers and praises unceasingly and in all circumstances. And we are reminded in scripture that God’s love and mercies for us are unfailing and new every morning.

So, let’s all think about each of our days and remember to thank God for this day which He has made. Rain, sun, cold, warmth – THIS is the day that the Lord has made and I will be glad in it!

“This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.” ~ Psalm 118:24


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