From Faint to Hope

Luke 21:26a “Men will faint from terror…”

Some of us travel through life seemingly without any significant hardship or pain.  Our lives seem to be charmed, until something arrests our peace and security.  For others, the harsh reality of life in a fallen world breaks into our lives at a young age.  Such is the case with a friend of ours whose seven year old son is today (at the time of his writing) receiving his last chemotherapy.

I was one of those who seemed to lead a charmed life for almost 45 years.  There were no big problems or harsh realities.  Of course, I thought some things were hard, but I did not know hard.  Then a plane crashed in the Everglades transporting out oldest son into eternity.  I will never forget that Saturday in May over 13 years ago.

Talk about “Men will faint with terror…”  I understood the kind of pain and fear to which Jesus was referring.  My wife and I and our other son will never forget that horrible day and night following the crash.  Finally, about 1:00am we were left alone and went to bed.  No sleep.  We just cried and held each other.

Finally, about 5:00am on Sunday morning I stood in the shower weeping “as those who have no hope.”  Faintly at first, then more loudly and boldly I began to hear these words of truth, “God is good, all the time.”  For the first time since the news of the crash, I felt the presence of God and the assurance of the Savior.  It was at that moment I began to move from fainting to hope.  It allowed me later that day to declare to the national media, “We are Easter People!”  There is a reason for our hope and it is the Risen Christ.  Hallelujah, Praise His Name!

~ Rev. Dr. Warren


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