He is a young college student, driving home for a weekend of home cooking.  His parents pray for traveling mercies. And wait.  Another is deployed so very far from his new beautiful bride.  She prays for his safety and a phone call from him.  She counts the days, the hours.  And she waits.  They have watched their first born leave the nest to build her own.  They pray for her happiness and a visit.  And they wait.  She was a young, unmarried virgin, expecting a child.  And engaged.  Visited by the angel Gabriel, assured, she said, “I am the Lord’s servant.”  And she waits.

At Advent, we prepare and we wait.  We celebrate and remember the birth of our King, humbly in a stable.  We sing, rejoice and give gifts.  We praise our Father in heaven for the indescribable gift.  And now, we wait for His return.  For our eternity in heaven with Him.  For glory forever.  We wait.

Serving Him with our gifts given by Him, we too must say, “I am the Lord’s servant.”  Love Him, Serve Him, Praise Him.  Wait for Him.  He is coming.  Alleluia He is Coming !  We wait with joy at His return.

~ Rebecca


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