Teddy Bears and miracles (part 2)

Do you just love teddy bears? Those cute little button eyes and stitched noses? The little furry ears and puff tail always seem to be an extra handle to carry them along with by children’s hands that are too small to wrap around the full body.

For more years than I can recount I have been in love with these furry friends. Even today my bed is made up with one special bear sitting in the middle – a gift from someone I care deeply for. Scattered throughout the house are an assortment of these furry creatures. They range in size and color and texture and yet, I have never made a point of collecting a single one. They have each simply found their way into my home and into my heart.

Well, these little fur covered, over-stuffed objects of simple affection have been used again to perform another miracle. Since the article (found at the attached website) first went online and through the paper, I have begun receiving phone calls from folks who want to open their hearts and bless someone else with a cuddly stuffed animal.

Isn’t it amazing how easily a miracle happens when we respond with genuine love?


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