Headin’ down the highway …

Today hubby and I headed off on our mini-vacation. To say it started off with a few bumps and troubles is being generous to the hindrances and annoyances that got in our way. Guess we should have planned on some problems when we checked the weather reports a few days ago and saw that thunderstorms were predicted for our destination area.

But hubby is the eternal optimist. Or more precisely, if he decides we are going on a motorcycle trip, well then, come rain or shine, WE ARE GOING on a motorcycle trip! The weather be darned.

Well, we got the bike (motorcycle) and trailer (towing behind the motorcycle) loaded up and we left home. We were only 35 minutes late getting on the road to get to church on time. As we began to relax and cruise on down the road, hubby tapped me on the leg and yelled, “Turn on your headset!”. I yelled back at him, “It is on!” Well, I was only half right. You see, the microphone was on, so he heard me-  loud and clear. It was my headset that was not operating correctly so I could not hear what he was saying to me. Oh well, we would ride in companionable silence to the church where he would fix the right switch before services began and then we would be all set to head out.

Upon arriving at the church I set about getting things in place for worship to start. Hubby fiddled with the headset switch. Then he fiddled with the connector. Then he removed (yes, REMOVED!) the seat of the motorcycle and began pulling an assortment of wires from the guts of the bike. At this point, I walked outside and opened my mouth, “dear, it is 2 minutes before worship starts, would you like to leave that and come in?” He looked at me. I turned around and walked back into the church to continue greeting the people coming in the doors.

Worship was wonderful! We were able to see some new faces and say hello to a couple of folks that haven’t been in fellowship for some time. After worship we gathered as a community to share a meal.

While we were in eating I had noticed hubby duck outside again. He “fixed” the problem with the headset for now, made sure the seat was resting on the bike and settled things so he could also enjoy the time of fellowship. After coming back into the church and getting a plate of food, hubby sat down to enjoy. Suddenly someone said – “Look, it’s raining!” Out the door hubby ran – pieces and parts that could not get wet were not protected and had to be covered up. Oh well. Just a momentary bump that was fixed without any problems. Finally it was time to load up and head out on our adventure.

After a quick stop in Cleveland – (they have Pepsi!!!)

We headed out again, certain that the storm clouds we were seeing were moving in the opposite direction. We were not correct on this one. After a stop on the side of the road to pull on rain gear (his jacket zipper was broke!), we decided to head out once again. The rain would surely be passing quickly and we could begin enjoying our adventure.

unhappy hubbyFour hours later, and several floods, we arrived at our destination. Wet. Tired. Cold. Did I say, wet? But safe and sound. Hubby is now relaxing after a glass of wine and some homemade warm chocolate cookies. And another adventure awaits us tomorrow!


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