Overcoming Violence

Having been a secondary victim of murder I am always looking for resources to share with folks. I especially like it when the resources are FREE!!! So, I have attached a link to several excellent resources and study guides that you can simply download.

Please take a few minutes to pass these on to others that you think would benefit from them.

Study guide: “Telling the truth about ourselves and our world”

Simon Oxley

A study guide to help individuals and churches continue to reflect and act together as the 2001-2010 Decade to Overcome Violence – Churches Seeking Reconciliation and Peace is celebrated at the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (May 17-25, 2011, Kingston, Jamaica).


Why violence? Why Not Peace?
A study guide to help individuals and groups in the churches to reflect and act in the Decade to Overcome Violence

This study guide is based on the four themes of the Decade to Overcome Violence:

  • The spirit and logic of violence
  • The use, abuse and misuse of power
  • The issues of justice
  • Religious identity and plurality

You can find many more resources at the website below. Let’s all join in prayer to overcome violence.



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