Barefoot Sunday

I love shoes! (but by now this isn’t news to most of you I guess!!!) and I think Jesus does too. So this month I am going barefoot each Sunday to make people aware of the desperate need for basic footwear for many people in our communities and in the world.

No, this is not a joke. It is real and I’ve included the link for you to find more information at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, check out what Jesus had to say about shoes. (Or at least my version of it!)

Jesus was amazed at workboots!

Luke 7:1-1

Jesus loved stilettos!

Luke 7:36-50

Jesus admired wingtips!

John 3:1-21

and Jesus was comfy in slippers!

John 8:1-11

So, what kind of shoes are you wearing today? I’m barefoot for the moment, but soon I’ll be putting on my sandals – I’ve got work to do!

Watch this site for sermons on each of these pair of shoes.

For more info check out:



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