Chuckling towards Christmas

Advent Thoughts – Day 3

I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the details of communing with God that we miss the joy of a relationship with Christ. To that end, let me share some laughter with you brought to us through the eyes and voices of children!

Unexpected Vacancy

My friend’s granddaughter once directed a group of four-year-olds in their Christmas pageant.  Everything moved along smoothly until the children playing Mary and Joseph arrived at the inn in Bethlehem.
“Do you have any room for us?” asked young Joseph.
“No, the inn is full,” replied the innkeeper.
“But it’s so cold outside, and my wife is going to have a baby,” pleaded Joseph.  “Don’t you have any place for us?”
To the surprise of the director and the audience, instead of showing the couple to the stable, the four-year-old innkeeper replied compassionately.  “I’m not supposed to say this, but you come right on in.” – Unknown

A Beer

On Christmas Eve, a nine-year-old boy put out milk and cookies for Santa, plus an extra treat – a beer. The next morning, he came running down into the room. “Santa came!” he shouted. Holding up the half-full bottle of beer, he said, “See? There really is a Santa, because Dad would have drunk the whole thing!” (uh-oh!)

A Peacock

The highlight of our zoo trip was a peacock showing off its plumage.  My son was particularly taken with it.  That evening, he couldn’t wait to tell his mother:  “Mom, guess what!  I saw a Christmas tree come out of a chicken!”


His Laundry

“For Christmas,” a woman remarked to me,” I was visited by a jolly, bearded fellow with a big bag over his shoulder.  It was my son coming home from college with his laundry.”

And finally …

My Zero Fell Off …

While visiting our daughter Andrea and her family at Christmas, we didn’t forsake our tradition of holiday stockings for old and young alike. First our son-in-law Larry and then our daughter exclaimed when they found the $50 bills we had tucked in theirs.
When our eight-year-old granddaughter Sara discovered the $5 bill in the toe of her stocking, she couldn’t help but compare.
“Oh, dear,” she said, “my zero fell off!” – Unknown

Hope you enjoyed these little chuckles and found a moment of laughter and joy on your way to seeing the Christ-child!

Share your stories, remembrances, or funny jokes with us by posting to this site. We could all use a bit of joy!


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