Gentle Strength

Advent Thoughts – Day 6

Psalms 18.1-20, 18.21-50; Isaiah 2.12-22; Luke 20.27-40; 1 Thessalonians 3.1-13

A baby coos as he clutches a large finger with all of his gentle might. He blinks and breathes, yawns and cries. Who would have guessed he would be the source of our strength?
The Christ, the God incarnate has come. He is our solid rock, our refuge from trouble, our strong tower. If we only enter in, we will surely find rest and security. He looms high above all of our fears and failures. It is here that we find help for our struggles and power over temptation. The Christ is our peace, our hope. He alone is worthy of our praise. These are the images preserved for us in the Psalms and manifested in the person of Christ. May we worship him this season as the humble, yet mighty God.

Although Christ was born, we have been left in a season of waiting ever since the ascension. Amidst the waiting, he is our strength. This season of waiting is not without purpose, for God is yearning and working. This is part of the meditation of Advent. To the haughty, God is a terror, a strict overseer. For those who humble themselves, God is Parent, full of affection and love. God’s commands are not burdensome, nor are his desires darkness. To those who have spent much time inside the Strong Tower, God is their source of life.

God is yearning, as are we, for the second Advent. On this day God will seem a terror to some and a long awaited lover to others. On this day God alone will be exalted and glorified by humankind. There has never been a day where God alone is exalted in all the earth; even those who love God scatter their praises. The season of Advent, however, looks forward to the day when all of our idols shall utterly pass away. On this day we will be presented before the glory of God’s throne as holy and blameless with all the saints. On this day we will experience the anticipated resurrection from the dead. Let us wait inside of our refuge, our help, our solid rock. “Come, thou long-expected Jesus” was once the cry of Israel, and it has become our cry again.
Grace and peace be upon you from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Misty Motes Junior
Religion and the Arts Major


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