The Long Wait

A special post shared from a friend:

I can’t wait for Christmas to get here. How many days until Christmas day? Is it Christmas yet?

These messages bombard us in the holiday season. They come from our friends, family, and the media.

Is it Christmas yet?

Every year we fall into the cycle. Anticipating the season and the stress or buying the perfect gift for everyone. We start to dread the coming of Christmas because we are not ready. We start to double guess our gifts. Your family plans go haywire when your in-laws decide to change their plans sometime around 9 pm. on December 22nd.

Finally, Christmas comes with the noise of ripping, tearing, screaming, and yelling. Then, there is nothing so over as Christmas. When everyone has taken their new loot to their room leaving the mess of bows and shredded paper. Then, you have the sudden heart stopping realization that the credit card bill is coming on December 26th.

Is this Christmas; is it only a maddening rush of stress and shopping?

Is there room for us to receive the mystery and wonder of the expectation of the coming of Jesus Christ? Is there time amidst the rush to stop and think? Wow, God came and dwelt among us. God eternal and holy came and took up the human experience. Emmanuel, has come.

But, still that has been tamed and normalized the miracle of the incarnation reduced to something as common as a baby being born. We see the sweet baby Jesus we coo and fawn over the sweetness of the child.

We minimize it and reduce God to a plastic prop in a plastic crèche.

Our savior our Christ is not just a baby. Christ did not just become a human. Jesus did not just teach people to live nicely with each other. Jesus lived a perfect life. Jesus lived a life that lead to his death. Jesus conquered death and rose for the dead, and he told us that he would come again and reign in glory.

We celebrate that fact on Christmas. We don’t just celebrate the coming of Christ two thousand years but we look to his second coming we anticipate that Christ is coming back. Jesus is coming back to rule over all creation. Jesus is coming back in power and glory. We celebrate and wait for that coming of Christ. That is what we long for and wait for year after year.

So is it Christmas yet? I can’t wait for Christ to come. I look for it and I work to build his kingdom.
Christmas is not about a little plastic baby in a little plastic crib. Christmas is about the awesome power of God. Christmas celebrates the power and glory of a savior who is active and involved in our lives. Christmas anticipates the coming of Christ again not as a baby but as our beloved king and Savior.

Is it Christmas yet? No not yet but I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see my saviors face on that great and glorious day.

by: K.T.

Holly Springs UMC


2 thoughts on “The Long Wait

    • lol! Per your email to me you certainly did! Thanks for sharing. Would love to have you share again – anytime. Blessings!

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