by Denny Mullen

Read Luke 2:14

A few years ago our choir performed the cantata, “Love Came Down at Christmas.” Truer words
were never spoken or written. In our society we most commonly think that Valentines’ Day is the day of
love. While commercially that may be true, the real meaning of love came to us through the birth of our
Lord Jesus Christ.                            

The love from God is known as Agape love. This is a love that knows no end. This love from God
is eternal! There is no love than can take the place of Agape love.

The love we share at Christmas is primarily known as Philial love. Philial love is a love that is
shared with others. The love we enjoy during the Christmas season with friends and family is Philial love.
I think one of the really fun things about Christmas is sitting with family and friends and sharing
the season. The sheer joy of watching little ones open their presents is priceless! Nothing can replace
the look of surprise of someone receiving a totally unexpected gift.

However, despite all the fun and joy of the season, nothing can duplicate the real joy of attending
church on Christmas Eve. The power of the season fills the sanctuary when the prelude to the service
begins. As worship continues with the Christmas music, the story of the birth of Jesus through scripture
and the Christmas message, we can feel the meaning of what will forever change the world. Finally, the
candles are lighted during singing of “Silent Night.” I can’t speak for every one, but I never fail to get teary
eyed as we sing that beloved hymn.

Yes, love did come down at Christmas, and because of the love God has for us, it endures.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of Agape love. Thank you for teaching us the
meaning of love, and we pray that we never lose the true meaning of the season. Amen

from: St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

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