Perfect Love

Written by: Matt McCullar

Scripture Reading: Philippians 4:12-14

I sit here stuck. Stuck in a rut of sin.

Whether at the ranch, the beach or the park,

I run from the light towards the dark.

I can’t refrain nor can I contain these desires that remain.

I’m going insane; but I cannot complain.

It’s only my fault I feel this pain.

I obsessed over flesh, because of pride I lied,

my anger led to danger.

With knuckles white and eyes shut tight,

I don’t want a repeat, but he has me beat;

I must now accept defeat.


Not yet.

I don’t give in and I won’t let up.

Now I bow to the king and sing a song that keeps me strong.

I pray that today Christ will renew my heart.

Like a Phoenix in a fire, my desires turn to ash

and I gain a brand new start.

I depart from this mindset and set this mind to see that I am free.

Free in Christ.

My shackles are broken; I am a slave no more.

The one I adore cleansed me in ways I never could,

He was nailed to the wood but would arise from the grave,

to win over sin again and again

And then I realize that I cannot trick myself

with this messed up psychology if I want a sold theology,

Instead I should pray the doxology,

All of me singing “Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son.

And praise the Spirit three in one.

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!”

Prayer: Abba, Father! Your perfect love sees not our sins of the past, but our faith in you. I pray that during this advent season, we may flee from what the world tells us Christmas is about, and rejoice in the fact that you came down to your creation, to save us from death. Halleluiah!

From: A&M UNITED METHODIST CHURCH of College Station, TX

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