Nothing Is Impossible

Luke 1:37-38 – “For nothing will be impossible with God.  And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the Servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.’ “

I have always admired Mary for being brave. When I was younger, it was because she put up with the pain of childbirth without a hospital and medicine. Now, I admire her even more for her bravery in a world where the penalty for having a child without a husband was death. Mary was faced with a tremendous duty, not only to be a mother but to be a mother of God’s son, the Savior of the world. What a daunting task!

I am in the Persian Gulf as I type this and sometimes the jobs and qualifications expected of me seem impossible.

There are not enough hours in a day. My goal to be there for my division and to help them any way I can is extremely difficult to meet because of my many other obligations. My duties include everything from making sure they get the proper training to helping them avoid credit card fraud. Although my many responsibilities sometimes seem overwhelming, I try to be a light of Christ to all the people of my division through patience and maintaining a positive attitude.

If Mary ever did fear or falter under her huge responsibility, she did not express it. Rather, she states, “I am the Servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Often, we feel overwhelmed by the difficult tasks in our life that God has called us to do, whether it is delivering Meals on Wheels, being with a loved one who is dying, or just being the “smiling ensign.” But maybe, just maybe, we were called into that difficult situation in order to have the light of Christ shine through us to others. Or even better, perhaps we were sent to help that person so we can see the light and love of God through him or her.

God had amazing plans for Mary and has amazing plans for all of us. These plans will require all our heart, soul, and strength, but “Nothing will be impossible with God.” Let it be according to God’s word.

~ Beth Kent

From the Advent Devotional pdf: Huffman United Methodist Church Birmingham, Alabama 2010


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