The Utmost Goal

Luke 10:25-27 – “On one occasion an expert in the law stoodup to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, ‘whatmust I do to inherit eternal life?’‘What is written in the Law?’ he replied. ‘Howdo you read it?’He answered: ‘Love the Lord your God withall your heart and with all your soul and withall your strength and with all your mind’; and,‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

I feel unworthy to write about love.

Just thinking about it makes my heart race and my stomach rise to my throat. Love is the purpose of life. It is the essence of God. Think about it, if you had five minutes left to live,what would you think about? Would you worry about whether your house will be cleaned as thoroughly once you’re gone or worry about who would inherit your car? No. You would wonder, just like me, how well you loved during the time you had.

You would pray that your child knows how much you care. You would wonder how kind you were to the people you worked with. You would try to remember whether you kissed your spouse goodbye that morning.

And you would hope that your overall attitude was onethat showed grace and mercy.

The time you smiled at that stranger, the day you gave your lunch to the homeless lady, the evening you volunteered to play with a lonely child, those are the moments that hold the most purpose: the moments when you choose to love.

I think sometimes about Jesus and his purpose on earth; love in its purest form. I want us to have that same desire to love—that we would live a life in which our utmost goal is not fame or money or power, but rather, to love well.

It’s the only thing worth living for.

By: Analiz G. Schremmer- LeadWriter for BucknerInternational.


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