Christmas is …

Christmas is the day that holds all time together. ~ A. Smith

Christmas is like God, timeless and eternal.
Christmas is not just a season of a day in the year, but a condition of the heart.
Christmas is the message that there is hope for all humanity.

Christmas is love in action ~ giving, sharing, opening ourselves to others ~ loving ourselves and loving others.

Christmas is the celebration of a baby, born in a manger. A baby who lived and grew and loved and taught and gave of Christmas Angel himself unselfishly for others and died and lives again. A baby who changed the world that was and changed the world that is and changed the world that will be.

Christmas is so much more than a moment or an hour or a day. It is life and living and death and dying and the event that brought heaven and earth into harmony in a manner that will not be seen again until God only knows. So, let’s celebrate, rejoice, praise God and share the message of a baby born in Bethlehem so many years ago!


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