What in the world can we get Momma and Daddy for Christmas ???

“They are so hard to buy for, they don’t need anything.  Daddy always says, “I don’t want anything !”  Momma says, “Having you home is all I want.”

Have you said or thought these things before ?  When you are grown and past making macaroni ornaments for the tree, your parents do become harder to buy gifts for.

We are parents of two grown boys and we have a gift suggestion for you.  Yes, we do want you home !  We know that is not always possible but it is what we want.  But, here is the gift idea.

We want to know that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.  We want to know what you might be reading or studying in your Bible.  You are reading and studying your Bible ?  We want to know that in every aspect of your life, you are seeking God’s will.  We want to know that when things are going great that you are praising Him.  We want to know that when you are facing life’s storms, you are praising Him.  We want to know that prayer is a daily part of your life.  As we await His return, at Advent, we want to know that when we get to heaven, you will be there with us.  As parents, there is no greater gift.

So, be home when you can.  Bring a macaroni casserole instead of a macaroni ornament !  Buy a gift if you want to.  But, live for Him.  Wait for Him with us at Advent.

Merry CHRISTmas !  We love you, Daddy and Momma

(Thank you Rebecca & David)

How to make your own Macaroni Angel:

Materials Needed:

Elbow macaroni and Bowtie pasta

Ziti noodles (this looks like a giant macaroni with groves on the outside with an arch in it)

Gold (or silver but certainly sparkly!) pipe cleaners

White and gold or silver craft paint

Medium sized clear faceted beads or round wooden beads with a pre-painted face

Glue gun and glue sticks


Glitter (optional, or so I’ve been told!)

Ribbon (so they can hang from just the right spot)

Step one: Paint the elbows and ziti white. Paint bowties gold or glittery silver.

Step two: Cut each gold pipe cleaner into four equal parts. Make loop and twist ends together, to look like a halo. Stick twisted ends into the hole at the top of the bead; this should look like the halo over a head.

Step three: Take a length of ribbon and make a loop big enough to fit over the tree branch or the place where it will hang. Glue it to the bowtie, and then glue the wings on the ziti in the small arch. Glue two elbows to sides but letting them touch in the front of angel.

Step four: Put glue on upper mouth of ziti (the one closest to the wings) and attach the head. Let dry and wah-la! you have a macaroni angel!


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