Free Bibles

We’ll be honest: you’ve probably heard a lot of junk about the Bible. One group thinks it says one thing, another group thinks it says another. What gets lost in the battle is the invaluable guidance the Bible provides – to everyone – for life’s ups and downs.

Those ups and downs are highlighted by subject in a Bible that we’d like to give to you or a friend. Feeling hurt? There are specific Bible sections to give you comfort. Have a broken heart? There’s guidance on that, too. And for the first time, it’s in easy-to-understand, everyday English – a Common English Bible (New Testament).

We do not offer you this Bible with an agenda. Rather, we simply want to make this everyday Bible and its relevant index available to you for the times when answers aren’t clear. Like many people, you might be surprised to discover that those answers are often revealed through inspiring stories and commentary – not through lists of do’s and don’t’s. And as United Methodists, we encourage and empower you to consider its guidance in relation to the other pillars that inform our faith: tradition, experience, and reason.

Can we send you a free copy?  Or one for a friend? Click here


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