Bloggy Thoughts

I’ve got a few questions for you – my readers, and I really want to hear your thoughts (through your comments of course!). Okay, here goes …

If you are a movie buff, what is the one movie of 2010 you would recommend to a friend?

Maybe you are like me and prefer a good book, if so, tell us what book you have read in 2010 that you just have to read again!

Then again, you may be one of the more ‘active’ members of the community and have found a new activity to be involved in this past year. If that is the case, share that with us so we can join you and stop being couch potatoes!


If you’ve read this far ~ please add a comment to my blog!


2 thoughts on “Bloggy Thoughts

  1. I sort of liked Eat, Pray, Love. A very low-key movie. I loved Avatar at the IMAX theater! But most movies from 2010 were pretty bad.
    IF I happen to have a book that holds my interest, I’d rather read.

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