? Questions ? My Life Purpose?

Been in a bit of a funk today and for the past few days. Thinking  through who I am and what I do and where I need to be. Finding myself simply wanting to be in a quiet, still place where I can hear the  answers to my questions. For now though, duty calls and my head is  full of jumbled thoughts.

So, asking questions,  thinking, wondering, hmmm?

Why church?

What is church?

Who is “the church”?

Do I “do” church or “go to” church or am I “being” church?

Have you got questions? What are they?

If you have read this far, and will share your thoughts, please post in  the comments of the blog!


4 thoughts on “? Questions ? My Life Purpose?

  1. I’ve been in the same funk you are for a while now. I’m all over the place trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life and how I’m supposed to be as a person. Hopefully we’ll both figure it out at some point. (:

    • Not to sound like a wet blanket here, but I truly hope you are more successful than I! :0

      All kidding aside, I think we are all need to believe that God loves us the way we are while we are on the way to becoming. Then we need to believe that God made each of us who we are, the way we are, for a reason. And throughout this process, we need to believe that we are where God wants us to be in this moment – if we are listening to Him.

      Thank you for sharing with me ~ You gave me a sweet reminder of who I am called to be.

  2. Nice article. Answering your question, I would have to say that I am the church. Growing up, I always thought that I was just going to church; I thought it was the building. Now, I can say that, since I developed a true relationship with God, the church (the building) is a place where I go fellowship with other believers to draw strength and inspiration. As I have this relationship with God now, I know that I am to be the church, going to share His goodness to others, outside of the 4 walls. Thanks for sharing this article, it was really refreshing to go back down memory lane before I came to Christ.

    • I’m glad to hear your answer! I was raised with much the same awareness ~ going to church. When my relationship with God grew into the love affair it is now, I realized I was called into full-time ministry and began the process to become a clergywoman. Ministering to the folks in the churches I have served has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done in my life. It has also caused me to wrestle with my theology and to stretch myself in new ways and given me an amazing number of personal doubts.

      Thank you for sharing a moment of your life with me. You shared a light in my moment of doubt.
      ~ Blessings to you ~

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