Finding Purpose

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“A great writer once said, that a great book requires a great theme. So does a great life. An endless stream of books are meaningless and will not last as great literature, because they do not have a great theme.

So it is with people. All too much in human history is wasted and meaningless because there is no great theme, no great purpose in life.

Men and women have a deep hunger in life for meaning and purpose, but so often they are afraid to let go of a self-centered ego. To have a great theme in life involves taking a risk of moving beyond the narrow limitations of myself and discovering our true self where Jesus is at the center: nurturing, healing and empowering us to be men and women for others. Here is our great theme, our meaning and purpose.” ~ Harry Huxhold

Have you found your purpose in life or are you still looking? Does your life have meaning? These are the questions we each struggle with throughout our lives without regard for age or financial wealth, talents or social position.

What a glorious day it is when we can find our center and finally live a life of meaning and purpose!


2 thoughts on “Finding Purpose

  1. I think in life we are to “glorify Christ daily.” Yes, that is our Christian life purpose, as we do another job out in the world. Now, that life purpose or mission is what I think most suffer from finding.

    • I think you are very right. Too many people go through life doing a job without ever being able to recognize their purpose, or maybe they simply lose their life mission somewhere along the way of trying to do a job. Hmmm? Gotta think on that one a bit more.

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