I like to write, that’s probably one of the main reasons I started a blog. Why I like to write is what makes me continue this blog. You see, it’s not about who reads. It’s not about what someone else thinks about what I write. It’s not about popularity, or fame, or fortune, or … name something else. For me it is about exploring who I am. I mean, when I have passed through this world, have a left it a better place than when I arrived? Have I grown my spirit? Am I striving to be better today than I was yesterday? Am I becoming the masterpiece that my Master has seen? That is why I write, so I can please Him.

A master calligrapher was writing some characters onto a piece of paper. One of his especially perceptive students was watching him. When the calligrapher was finished, he asked for the student’s opinion – who immediately told him that it wasn’t any good. The master tried again, but the student criticized the work again. Over and over, the calligrapher carefully redrew the same characters, and each time the student rejected it. Finally, when the student had turned his attention away to something else and wasn’t watching, the master seized the opportunity to quickly dash off the characters. “There! How’s that?,” he asked the student. The student turned to look. “THAT…. is a masterpiece!” he exclaimed.


2 thoughts on “Masterpiece

  1. I like to write also but I can’t seem to find the right words to share to even start my blog. I want to write letters to my adult children, but seem to be stuck in the stuff of life.

    • I’ve been thinking about your comment. I think the only thing I can tell you is ~ just write something. Maybe your children’s favorite lullaby, or nursery rhyme. Then again, try a few open-ended “Remember when…” type of letters. But begin somewhere and begin the journey! Good luck!

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