Adventures in Housekeeping: DON’T Wash Your Vacuum Cleaner in the Kitchen Sink!

I’ve been struggling over the past few weeks to keep my heart and mind focused on what God is calling me to do. I have told folks that ask me what I’ll do if God doesn’t want to use me in pastoral ministry, that I am okay with being called to a new ministry focus or maybe even to clean my house. (although I think that my hubby would be shocked to hear that I’m going to do something so outside my normal routine!) In fact, in many ways I am excited to see where the journey leads me!

So, I decided today to get up and start walking … somewhere.

My first step was to start cleaning my house. It’s been several years since I dug in and did those yucky chores that no one likes to do, or doesn’t think about doing, but I figured, what the heck – gotta start somewhere. After finally finding the vacuum cleaner (in the downstairs bathroom? don’t ask!) I dragged the thing into the livingroom. Looking around, it seemed like a logical place to start, right by the front door with the baseboards.

Everything was going fine with my plan. I plugged the vacuum into the wall outlet. And then it was time to connect the hose with the long tube-like thing. First problem – where is the on/off switch? (I told you it’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned!) Second problem? ~ how does this tube-like thing reach the floor when you are standing up or do you stoop while using it? I decided to stoop, this must be the size tube you use for your kids so they can learn how to do chores. Guess I need to buy an adult size if I am going to keep this up. 😦

After going around the entry area in a slumped kind of stoop with the hose and tube-like thing, I encountered my third problem. This contraption wasn’t picking up any of the dust or dirt! So, I turned off the vacuum to reassess the situation. Upon closer examination of the vacuum I found another “switch”. This one said “hose” and “floor” and was set to floor. Hmmm, that explained everything! I wasn’t vacuuming the floor with the tube-like thing, I was vacuuming the baseboards! (Just kidding – I knew I had to move the switch to “hose” :))

Okay, okay – on with the story.

Now that the settings were correct on the stu–d contraption, it was time to get to work. So, I started over and actually finished the vacuuming of the floor and baseboards. I was so pleased with myself that I decided to keep going and vacuum under the couch …. then under the upholstered chairs and finally, ….. it was time to vacuum under the cedar chest.

Little did I know that problem # 4 was about to appear (or should I say “disappear”?)  So,  the tube-like thing fits under the cedar chest, but the nice fluffy brush doesn’t. Fine, I remove the brush, turn the vacuum on again, swish the tube around and hear a “whomp” sound in the vacuum.  Hmmm? Oh well. Then … another sound … “whump”. Hmmm? (Maybe I should check on that sound if it happens again?)  Then it happens again … “whomp” and “whump” …. and I see the tail-end of a hot pink furry mouse being sucked into the end of the vacuum tube!

Okay, now I have to figure out how to get the mice out of the vacuum cleaner before hubby shows up at home. So, I call my son-in-law, ask him what needs to be done, say thanks to his laughter as I hang up, and then open the vacuum up to clean out the bag. It is filthy inside there! Might as well clean it also.

The kitchen sink is the nearest and deepest, so I’ll just take the various parts off the vacuum and wash them off. Maybe I can get this all finished up before hubby comes home and surprise him with my ingenuity! Is this part supposed to get wet? Do we need this part? Thank goodness for Palmolive!

Time to get the thing put back together and finish up. (Wonder where those mice are?) Oops, is that the hubby pulling in?


(Conversation from me to hubby as he walks in and notices the vacuum in parts) Hi dear! … Everything is fine. It’s okay, I just know you can  fix it. No problem! Okay, I’ll just finish up now and we’ll have dinner.

Honey … What’s that funny smell?


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Housekeeping: DON’T Wash Your Vacuum Cleaner in the Kitchen Sink!

  1. Laughing, because I have been there and done that. I am a Christian as well. I love to clean and organize. I admire your true story and loved it.

    • I am so-o-o-o glad to hear I am not the only one that thinks outside the ordinary! Although, I have to admit that “love” and “clean and organize” don’t usually go in the same sentence for me. 😉

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