The Fiery Pit of Hell

Today I thought to myself, “I’ve just gotta laugh at something.” Then I found this:

As I chuckled at the caption I thought about my own marriage. Hubby & I will be married 30 years this June. Some days, weeks, months, maybe even years – have been tough going. We’ve cried and fought, faced severe financial problems, moved so many times I got lost trying to find my way home a few times! Through the years we lived apart in different cities and even in different states for extended periods of time. We’ve raised three children, including a child with significant medical issues. There have been times of deep grief and brokenness when my brother was murdered, my nephew died, hubby’s stepmom died, and our own son died. Then there have been job losses and worry in all forms. Maybe there isn’t a difference between marriage and hell.

But I think that marriage is a real example of heaven. Through every hardship we had each other to walk with and to help keep our eyes focused on God’s plan for our lives. And in the midst of it all we’ve laughed until our sides ached! There have been moments of beauty and joy and wonder and blessings and … incomparable love!

Yea, I think marriage is a slice of heaven here on earth.


3 thoughts on “The Fiery Pit of Hell

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