Let’s Talk

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was to have conversations with other people. I figured I would post something interesting (at least in my mind!) and someone would comment that they thought I was brilliant or that I was a fool, or maybe just add to the topic and give me something to think about. Well, it hasn’t exactly worked out that way. Yes, there have been a few consistent readers and a few regular commentators to whom I am absolutely grateful! (In fact, I love you guys!!!) But for the most part, I often feel very alone in this endeavor. 😦

Now, just to make it very clear, I don’t want to promote myself (I’m nobody special here) or sell you something (but I do know of a bridge in Brooklyn if you are interested 😉) or convert you to my way of thinking (no comment on this please! 😀). Nothing like any of these. What I do want to do is  – talk. I want to get to know you. Connect with you and others out in the world. I want to hear what you think and what is important to you and what your life is like.

So, tell me, what do you think about, worry about, dream about – everyday in your normal day to day life? I’m sharing the things I think about here and I really, I mean really, want to hear what you are thinking about.

What do you say?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. If you check out the tag surfer button, on the dashboard, you can find other blogs that have similar interests as you. If you comment on other blogs, people will check out yours, and hopefully you can start some great conversations.

    I worry a lot about how I might not be doing justice to my eldest daughter who’s 8.

    I dream about moving my entire family across the country so that I can homestead and grow a food forest to support us. Right now I’m a stay-at-home mom.

    I love to be barefoot and my excitement at spring finally springing up is driving me insane! I can’t wait to walk barefoot to the park with my kids!

    • Thank you for sharing with me! I’ve tried in the past to start some conversations but … oh well, things just haven’t gone the way I planned. (Why I even think that I should know the way things should go is beyond me!) I am persistent though and will certainly keep plugging along. 🙂

      Your comment “I worry a lot about how I might not be doing justice to my eldest daughter” caught me a bit. I am also a mom of a daughter. She is 26 yrs old, married, lives near by, and is my oldest. For the first 21 years of her life I was a stay-at-home mom. I did loads of volunteer work with the school, church, band, Girl Scouts, etc., but made sure I was always home with my kids. Often I would wonder if I was doing the right thing for her, was I setting the right example? Now that she is married, has a home of her own, has graduated college (with honors!) and is starting to plan her own family, I guess I did okay. She turned out to be a beautiful woman who cares deeply for others and loves her hubby, takes pride in what she does and is someone I like to call my friend.

      Spring fever is getting to me also! But I’ve started the barefoot walking early, I figure I’m not waiting for the grass to grow under my feet! 😀

  2. I am really worried because I cannot find my passion. Like my career passion. I did a post on this two days ago. I really need help. If you can help me, email me and I will tell you more. I also try never to think Negative thoughts. My dream is to own a Harley Davidson. If I won the lottery I’d attend law school. I am a Christian. I am sick of being a barber and quit. I cannot find work in the paralegal world. That really sucks. So, I do Security work.

    • Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and being so open and transparent. I read your post on your passion for the law (and bunches of others also ;)) I’m not sure what kind of help I can be but I will email you and we can chat a little more.

      I’ve done the Harley thing btw – after a few years though I was sick & tired of the costs, the noise when riding, the perceived need to appear as someone I am not, so I sold it. My hubby and I are in love with motorcycling, we have been riding together since we met – literally 2nd date! But now we ride a Honda Goldwing. it lets us enjoy conversations, music, and just being together. And I can be simply who I am.

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