Can a Christian Get a Tattoo?

I’ve heard arguments and felt loads of judgement on this one myself, but I like what Craig Groeschel says in this video. There are a few things that I would add to his comments.

  • First, if you have tattoos from your life before you became a Christian use them as a tool to witness where you were and how far God has brought you up. Don’t be ashamed of your scars but glorify God in the healing and restoration he has done in your life.
  • Second, if you do not have a tattoo, carefully consider where on your body you want to place it. Think about the size of the tattoo. Think about how you will really look when you are 10, 20, 50 years older! Gravity is a gift – it keeps us from flinging off the earth into the blackness of space, but it is also a challenge to our bodies. I know a woman who had a hummingbird tattooed on her hip when she was in her early 20’s. Three children later and 22 years later, that hummingbird looks more like a vulture!
  • Third, carefully think about what design you want on your body unless you are getting a wash-n-wear tattoo. If you put a series of “tribal” marks on your shoulder because they look cool to you now, are they really going to mean anything to you when you are 40 years old? That goes the same for ethnic or cultural symbols. If you aren’t Tibetan, why are you having the Tibetan word for “life” tattooed on your chest? (Oh, was that really the word for “noodles”?)
  • Finally, if you have no interest in having a tattoo of your own, or if you meet someone with ink up-down-back-front on their bodies, don’t jump to judgement. We all only have one judge that we are ultimately accountable to and when you are busy making  judgments on other people you can’t get to know them as the unique person God has created.

There is more (lots more!) I can say, but I’ll let Craig talk now.


5 thoughts on “Can a Christian Get a Tattoo?

  1. How about – if you are going to get a tattoo live by the shopping adage of “wait a day and see if you still want it.” Only this time, wait 6 months. They are permanent, but when you truly thought it through they can be meaningful for life.

    Oh and how about – don’t toss bible verses at people who DO have them. How about asking why they have them first.

    • Good advice. Guess I should add also – it you can’t pay for it, you shouldn’t get it!

      Remember, lots of people have been taught the Bible from one perspective and see it (that perspective) as the only ‘right’ way. That is why I encourage us to all engage people of different backgrounds to talk to each other and then test our beliefs by reading and studying for ourselves and then follow-up with more conversation with other people you trust.

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