The Holy Man

Word spread across the countryside about the wise Holy Man who lived in a small house atop the mountain. A man from the village decided to make the long and difficult journey to visit him.

When he arrived at the house, he saw an old servant inside who greeted him at the door.

“I would like to see the wise Holy Man,” he said to the servant.

The servant smiled and led him inside. As they walked through the house, the man from the village looked eagerly around the house, anticipating his encounter with the Holy Man.

Before he knew it, he had been led to the back door and escorted outside. He stopped and turned to the servant,

“But I want to see the Holy Man!”

“You already have,” said the old man. “Everyone you may meet in life, even if they appear plain and insignificant… see each of them as a wise Holy Man. If you do this, then whatever problem you brought here today will be solved.”

  • Do you look at people and only see how they can help fulfill your dreams? your plans?
  • Do you look at other people and see their fears and worries or are you too busy being afraid and worried for your own sake?
  • Can you see all of the opportunities for you to make a difference in this world by helping just one person?
  • Can you put aside your problems for a moment and offer a smile to someone else?

2 thoughts on “The Holy Man

    • I think you are right. And the key to what you said is “try” I think. I believe the saying, “The only real failure in life is the failure to try” is quite apropos here!
      Glad you enjoyed the post.

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