What do You know? Church Stats

Check out these statistics from PewForum.org from the U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey:

Now more:

60% – U.S. adults say that religion is “very important” in their lives

40% – say they attend worship services at least once a week

But the survey showed that a large number of Americans are “uninformed about the tenets, practices, history and leading figures of major faith traditions – including their own.”

What about...


21% Protestant pastors named Billy Graham among “the top three living Christian preachers that most influence” them. Others in the top 10: Charles Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Rick Warren, John Mac Arthur, Barbara Brown Taylor, David Jeremiah, Max Lucado, John Piper, and Andy Stanley.


Church Life

26% Churches that said they have experienced a conflict within the last two years that led some people to leave.

27% Churches that said this in 1998.

5% Decrease in median congregation size (75 people) since 1998.


Religious Literacy

45% American Catholics who do not know their church teaches that the bread and wine in Communion become the body and blood of Christ.

53% American Protestants who cannot identify Martin Luther as the person who inspired the Protestant Reformation.

Interested in where you fit in with these numbers? Take the QUIZ here.

April 2010; Christianity Today



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