The 10 “Easy” Commandments

When working with the youth group at the first church I served as a pastor I came across this modernized version of the ten commandments. I was – and am still – impressed with the comments made by the young people regarding this version. As a group they effectively said that if these were the commandments that God had given to Moses, they would be a lot

Dad and Mom are the bomb!

easier to not break than the Biblical ones.

What do you think?

  1. Dad and Mom are the bomb
  2. God is #1
  3. Cussin’ the man, is outta hand
  4. Sunday is God’s fun day
  5. Say N.O. to envy
  6. Chill, don’t kill
  7. It ain’t neat, to cheat
  8. Keep it real, don’t steal
  9. It ain’t fly, to lie
  10. Covet? Don’t love it

Be blessed & be a blessing!


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