What’s the Craziest Church Complaint You’ve Ever Received?

There is a request by the ChurchLeaders community asking readers to share their most off-the-wall church complaint. Some of those that have been shared are:

  1. Because we did not visit them in hospital even though they did not let us know they were there.
  2. Had someone complain about having to repeat the chorus of a worship song!
  3. Someone once complained that the “song lyrics on the screens were TOO BIG!”

Here are some of the ones I’ve personally been told:

  1. A woman told me as she was leaving the church that she wouldn’t be back again because I preached too much about Jesus.
  2. Someone complained because the children’s time with the minister was too long – it should only be about 3 minutes, after that the adults got bored.
  3. A woman – yes woman! – told me that  I shouldn’t wear a skirt under my robe because it was too distracting – they kept being reminded that I was a woman.
  4. And many more! (I’ll add to these over the next few days.)

So, what complaints have you been told? Is your preaching too long? Too short? Too loud? Too quiet? Does the worship service have too much formality or is it too relaxed? How is the coffee? Is someone sitting in the wrong pew?

I know you have had many things happen, share a couple of them with the rest of us and let’s laugh together!

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3 thoughts on “What’s the Craziest Church Complaint You’ve Ever Received?

  1. Well, not doing any time in the pulpit yet, but I had a reader tell me she wouldn’t be sharing my site because I was too offensive in calling Men… Umm, my mission statement says that I may offend some, but that everything I say will have biblical justification. It takes all kinds!


    • I think it is awesome that you are reaching out to minister and disciple men! You are right, it does take all kinds – all kinds of people to make the Body of Christ. Although I am certain that men can be ministered to by a woman pastor and women can be ministered to by a male pastor, I know that there are times when we each need to hear from (and be discipled by) a more “familiar” voice. Maybe that is why we (men and women) were created in the image of God – hmmm, ya think?

      As far as I am concerned – keep up the good work and may God bless you in your call to serve Him!

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