The Fiery Pit of Hell (via Walking in the Wilderness)

Been thinking about all the latest discussions on “Love Wins” and wonder how many folks that think hell doesn’t exist are married? 😀

Seriously though, we went to a wedding the other night and as I watched the faces of that new couple, I was filled withmemories of our wedding and the years since. So, Chris & Morgan – May you have the tears of joy flood your life, May you always know the warmth of love, May your lives be fruitful and abundant with God’s blessings, and May your life together be nothing less than an eternity!

The Fiery Pit of Hell Today I thought to myself, “I’ve just gotta laugh at something.” Then I found this: As I chuckled at the caption, I thought about my own marriage. Hubby & I will be married 30 years this June. Some days, weeks, months, maybe even years – have been tough going. We’ve cried and fought, faced severe financial problems, moved so many times I got lost trying to find my way home a few times! Through the years we lived apart in different cities and e … Read More

via Walking in the Wilderness


2 thoughts on “The Fiery Pit of Hell (via Walking in the Wilderness)

  1. What a sweet post, Pat – thank you! We appreciate you coming to the wedding. I know it meant a lot to Morgan. And… it looks like Brad may have found a new beer brewing buddy! 🙂

    • LOL! We may actually have some “goodies” to bring to him at the end of the month.

      We were so very blessed to witness her special day, I can’t even imagine the words to express our gratitude in being included in such a blessed event. “Thank you” is just not enough but all we have to offer.

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