Defining Myself

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Rehearsing, practicing, tranquility, stillness, serenity, harmony, high heels, bare feet, Madness, confusion, disorder, chaos, muddling, attempting, running through, living out, following, performing, seeking, looking for, defining, thinking, thoughtful, wondering, wandering,

AAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! I am so confused. 😦

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now and am letting it help me discover who I really am as a person. I know I am a wife, daughter, mother and friend. I also know I am a preacher, pastor, leader, teacher. But trying to find out who I am without saying what I do or the roles I play is some tough work!

Let me share some statistics with you for a minute:

  • I have had 244 comments (not including the couple hundred on my facebook page!)
  • There have been 408 posts I have shared
  • My blog contains 15 separate pages of resources and info (note all of these are “Free”!)
  • More than 40 other bloggers or readers have shared various posts with their friends and readers
  • And I have had over 7,577 visits to my site.

Now then, a lot of you may be thinking that with all that, I must be doing something right and if I am doing something right than I must have it all together, right? Wrong. I have no idea what I am doing and I certainly don’t think I am doing it right! So I am going to ask you, my readers and my friends and the world wide web! to help me define me as you know me through my blog. It’s going to be a little bit of work but I hope you find it entertaining. :))

Here is what you do:

  1. Pick a couple of different blog entries to read.
  2. Grab a word or two that summarizes your thoughts on the writer (that’s me :))
  3. Look at the words in the quote cloud above and mix them into your thoughts
  4. And then, simply comment here what you think defines/describes this blog and me in a single sentence (this is the hard part!)

At this moment I have tried to define myself in one of these ways: “Rehearsing tranquility while running through chaos”. Or, “Muddling through chaos and seeking serenity”. Or, “Being still while running in high heels”.

Your turn ~ what do you think? (Check out my Bio here)


Share your thoughts ~ YOU are important here!

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