Parenting is HARD work!

I read this article the other day and could not help but be blessed by this dad’s genuine pride and love of his kids. As I read further I saw his comment about the opinions people have about PK’s (preacher kids) and I realized once again the bias that my children face.


Family 2004

Now, my kids are actually adults. They are 22 & 26, the oldest married and living on her own with her hubby. The youngest has told us he feels called into pastoral ministry himself even though he had to grow up with me as his mom! (Maybe that is actually why he has been called into pastoral ministry šŸ˜› !?!)


Hubby and I are proud of our kids and the way they have handled significant and difficult family issues while they grew up. We are also very grateful for the people they are and we enjoy watching them as they become mature adults. And we trust them to care for the world around them, with insight and humanity, grace and compassion for all people.

Guess the whole point of this post is simply this: raising kids to be the kind of adults that we want to hang out with when we are in our later years, raising kids to be great parents to our futureĀ grandchildren, raising kids that areĀ responsibleĀ independent loving adults of the world around them, raising good kids that you can be proud of – is HARD work! Hubby and I sacrificed material things so we could have me at home as much as possible with the kids. We made a point of spending time with them to listen to their problems and concerns. Many times we volunteered in their classrooms or on field trips or Sunday School or Scouts – so they would come to understand just how important they were to us and that we enjoyed knowing the people they were in that very moment.

I’m not saying we did the best job we could and in fact I often think I failed miserably. I’m not criticizing the manner in which other people have raised great kids. I’m simply saying – I love my kids and I always will.

Who loves you baby? I do ~ that’s who! Love, Mom

Kid Stuph about kid stuph...My daughter just got home last night from being half way around the world on a mission trip. She was so excited! I loved hearing the stories during the ride home. Some amazingĀ things happened on the trip, and at some point I’m sure I will see the 2000 + pictures she took (no fooling… she doesn’t play around when it comes to the camera). In a couple days, my youngest son will come home from advanced military training. Now, some of you might be t ā€¦ Read More

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