Keys to the Kingdom: ReUse ~ ReCycle ~ ReNew

Keys – you ever wonder what one of them may belong to? Wonder what in the world you are going to do with the odd ones found in your junk drawer or worse – your husband’s junk drawer?

Years ago I looked for those bright colorful but discarded mistakes that could be found at almost any hardware store. I would clean them up, put them on a key ring and give them to my children to play with. This kept my keys safe from little hands!

Today I began looking for some of those cast-offs that every house seems to have and did not find a single one! This may be because I have kept things so organized that I don’t have any. (Not likely!) It is more likely that I have put the few I have away for “safe-keeping”. Meaning, I won’t find them ever again, but my children will wonder why mom kept those keys all these years when they clean the house to put me in a nursing home. 😦

Now the thing is – I need some of those old, unwanted, unused, discarded keys! I have a project to do and I need keys to communicate a very simple, yet complex, idea to a group of women. I want to show them how much God loves them. I don’t want to just tell these lovely ladies about God’s love – I want them to be able to see it, to touch it, to have a physical knowledge of it.

Sounding interesting? Wondering what in the world this woman could possibly use an old, discarded, useless little key for that could maybe share the wonder of God’s love?

Want to help? Send me your keys!

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’ ~ Matthew 16:19


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