Don’t Stay Away … Excuses, Excuses!

Seen on the back of a church bulletin:

Don’t Stay Away From Church because:

  • You are poor. There is no admission charge.
  • Because you are rich. Money isn’t everything!
  • It rains or is cold. Most of us go to many other places in bad weather and our building doesn’t leak.
  • It is hot. Sometimes it’s hot where you live too and so is the beach or the golf course.
  • No one invited you. People go to many other places uninvited.
  • The pastor didn’t shake your hand. The umpire at the ball game never shakes your hand either!
  • We have an emotional religion. Did you ever attend a hockey game? or baseball? football?
  • Your job makes you tired. Aren’t you glad you have one?
  • You have small children. Thank God! And remember, we have a nursery and classes designed just for them.
  • There are hypocrites in the church. Hypocrites are everywhere – you associate with them every day! You should be used to them by now and we always have room for one more!
  • You have company. Bring them along, maybe they’ll come because someone invited them!
  • The standard of the church is too high. Are they any higher than the Biblical standards for a church?
  • You have plenty of time. Are you sure? Life is often short and uncertain.
  • You think your clothes don’t look good. This is not a fashion show! And God isn’t concerned about your clothes, and neither are we.
  • You don’t like the preacher. She is only human, just as you are.
What does this say to the people who are visiting the church for the first time? Is a condemnation or a challenge?
What would you change – remove or add – in the list of excuses?

Share your thoughts ~ YOU are important here!

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