– “Free”dom of the Book

I tried it – I loved it! (Hope you do also :))

Broketrope—online reading for free

The idea for Broketrope comes from a simple question—how to connect books to readers? Publishers have traditionally found readers by putting books in stores, getting reviews, asking authors to do personal appearances, and trying to stimulate word of mouth. Today bookstores are disappearing and reviews in traditional publications are losing readers and influence. People connect much more through the web, and new communities are found in websites, blogs, and forums, where people discuss books everyday. But the books themselves aren’t found at most of these sites. Broketrope gives books a home on the web where readers can find them and interact in new ways with the books themselves and other readers.

At Broketrope, you’ll find “public” copies of books that are still in copyright, not just the older public domain books that are found at other free reading websites. These books are from publishers and authors who get it—having free books online attracts new readers and ultimately improves book sales. You are free to read Broketrope books beginning to end or you can sample—just like you can in a library or bricks-and-mortar bookstore. Broketrope and our authors and publishers hope that some of you will buy printed copies of the books, or tell your friends about our books and perhaps some of them will buy. So, please read our books and appreciate them. | Freedom of the Book.


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