Three Stings

George got stung by a bee and said,
“I wouldn’t have got stung if I’d stayed in bed.”

Fred got stung and we heard him roar,
“What am I being punished for?”

Lew got stung and we heard him say,
“I learned somethin’ about bees today.”

“I realize the bumblebee has no power of its own to make me be my best. Some people even think it’s trite. But, I am amazed that the bee is able to do what God designed it to do in spite of its scientific limitations. You see, the body of a bumblebee is too big, its wingspan too narrow for it to be able to fly. Yet, it flies around anyway doing what God made it do. It defies the laws of aeronautical science but adheres to the law of God!

Human beings need a lot of encouragement to be able to do the things required and desired of them. Sometimes I’ve gotten bogged down in the pity parties of life and I’ve tried to deny that I have the ability to do whatever God wants me to. But I know He doesn’t assign me anything I can’t handle.” by Thelma Wells 

Lord, Let me be all that You would have me be this day. Amen


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