Young Adult Methodists – Love ’em!!!

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The Epworth League is a new Methodist association for young adults, aged 18 to 35. It consists of both a global organization as well as local church based chapters.

The global organization provides support and services to churches and individuals trying to start or grow young adult ministry programs within their church. If you are interested in starting a Young Adult group but don’t know where to start. Contact us, we can help you.

Epworth League Mission Statement

To encourage and cultivate Christ-centered character in young adults around the world through community building, missions, and spiritual growth.

The global Epworth League provides the following services to chapters:

1) Connecting new chapter leaders to mentors

2) One-on-one help to individuals starting a new chapter

3) The Epworth League Institute for training and conferences

4) Models and templates for starting and growing chapters

5) Coordination with the global United Methodist Church

6) Provide partnerships with other regional and global young adult organizations

7) Web site supporting a wide range of collaboration tools

Local chapters of the Epworth League have three primary focus areas:

1) Missions

2) Spiritual Growth

3) Community Building

Find more info at: Epworth League

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