Lessons in Arrogance or: How to be a jerk

Three Steps to Developing Your Arrogance Skills:

  • Self – Justification
  • Self – Deception
  • Self – Absorption
  1. Believe you are as good as you say you are. So tell yourself you are the best and take pride in every single thing you do. Really take this attitude on board in all of your thinking and dismiss the niggling doubts, should there be any. Know that you are amazing in every way.
  2. Have a silent presence and aura. Your body language needs to reflect a higher status value – stand up straight always, make confident purposeful movements, do not smile often, and walk with long strides. Remain aloof and gaze critically at people and tasks.
  3. Don’t just talk superior; be superior. This does require effort on your behalf to demonstrate that you know more than others, meaning that you must know a lot about the industry, profession or activity by which you establish your superior status. Don’t have gaps or you will be tripped up by someone seeking to target you.
  4. Set the highest standards of etiquette for which your vocation calls. Always use manners to your advantage. Being arrogant does not mean being rude and forgetting one’s basic etiquette around others. Manners serve as the means by which you maintain your aloofness and keep others distant – in a socially acceptable way.
  5. Arrogance is best used with sarcasm or some otherwise cutting remark which does not dispute the statements of others, but uses wordplay to turn other people’s words against them. This might mean you have to work hard at increasing your repertoire of come-backs, witty sayings and sarcastic quips.
  6. Being the best at everything is too much work, so boast your superiority strictly in areas where you cannot be challenged. This means being focused on what you are really good at. If you claim to be superior in an area in which you lack the skills or expertise, your arrogance will fall apart and lose its effect. Being arrogant is different from boasting your achievements or material wealth. Arrogant people do not need to broadcast the common achievements of life.
  7. Real arrogance, when applied properly, gives the impression of your perceived sense of superiority, wealth, and achievement without discussing it. It simply exudes.
  8. Caution: Never be arrogant with those whom you truly value or respect. The purpose of being arrogant is to “tone down” or silence your critics or those who are a little bit more happy with themselves than they should be. It is also one means of keeping a workplace in thrall of you but it can backfire if the workplace is a public-spirited one or filled with dreamers, armchair socialists and die-hard cynics.
  9. Caution: You are only trying to climb up on the backs of those whom you do not trust or otherwise do not like. Do not do the same around family, friends or valued work colleagues.
  10. Spiritual arrogance, takes at least two forms. In the first, the perpetrator concludes that s/he has made progress, perhaps due to having a few deep experiences. Or he prides himself for being part of the in-crowd, or for being friendly with the teacher, or even for being the teacher. For whatever reason, the spiritually arrogant mistakenly determines that he or she is special and then flaunts that assumed eminence over other people. This may be explicit in his outward behavior or implicit in his inward self-image. When a spiritual teacher contracts a case of spiritual arrogance, hubris typically leads to abuses of his unfortunate students.
  11. In the second form of spiritual arrogance, the true believer aggressively proselytizes, pushing his own path as the one and only way, browbeating people by claiming that they will not be saved without the chosen path, or that they are misguided. In actuality, this wide Earth harbors many valid and effective paths to God. The appropriate path for any particular person is a highly individual discovery, and cannot be decided by anyone else. It sometimes happens that when people first enter a path, an obsessive infatuation sets in. They may see their path as the one true way and attempt to convert others, even over protests of disinterest. Maturity brings respect for and acceptance of the validity of other paths.

(As you become more arrogant, you will eventually be forcing yourself to live up to your own hype. Think of it as a forced self-improvement program! Don’t be too arrogant. There’s a fine line between being arrogant and a total jerk.)

“The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil.
Pride and arrogance and the way of evil
   and perverted speech I hate.” ~ Proverbs 8:13

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