The Rise Of Atlanta’s Craft Beers from Bearings Guide

The Rise Of Atlanta’s Craft Beers from Bearings GuideConsidering that Georgia has only about a half a dozen breweries, it’s a big month for local beer. After experimenting, testing, tasting and serving, two Atlanta craft beer makers are expanding their reach so that we may all benefit alongside their success.

Wild Heaven Craft Beers
Launched in local pubs last summer by Nick Purdy, the founding publisher of Paste magazine, Wild Heaven is now available in 12 ounce, 4-pack bottles. Both Invocation, a Belgian-style golden ale, and Ode to Mercy, an imperial brown ale, quickly gained respect and traction in more than 100 Georgia bars and restaurants with connoisseurs longing for a take-home option. Now about 100 stores in the Atlanta area are carrying both bottled brews with expansion rolling out beyond the city in the coming months.

Check the Wild Heaven website for exact locations and look for a Decatur brewery to serve you in 2012.

Monday Night Brewing
After several years of brewing beer for anyone that dropped by the first evening of the week, the guys behind Monday Night Brewing have secured distribution of 450 kegs bound for Atlanta bars and restaurants. Their public launch offers their Eye Patch Ale, a malty IPA with hints of caramel and citrus, and Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, a darker, smokey, full-bodied ale.

In addition to the launch of their draft around town, look for package stores to carry Monday Night Brewing bottles in the not too distant future.


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