Letters to God

Do you pray? I do. Sometimes I lift up silent prayers. Sometimes they are deep groans of my spirit or heartfelt shouts of jubilation! I have also been keeping a prayer journal for close to 10 years now. These prayers are written down for me to go back and look at and remember how God has been faithful in so many things. Some people have found another way of praying.

A website called Letter to God began in August 2005. In the past 6 years over 9000 people have written messages to God on the website. Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles. Here are some of the prayers:

God, today was so hard. First, I found out that my friend Logan was hit by a car and killed. We were the greatest of friends, but I’ve known him for a while and we talked. Second, my really good friend Alex’s dad has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. I already knew that, but I just found out he has 6 months to live. They’ve been looking for a donor for 3 months and can’t find anyone. I asked my mom if she would let me get tested, because I would be more than willing to give my bone marrow to save Greg. But because I’m only 16 (and 5 months) they won’t let me get tested because you need to be 17. Third, my best friend is moving and switching schools. I know that I will never see him after June. I am so depressed about all of this. On top of all of this, school is just brutal. Everything is being piled on right now with 6 projects and 3 exams coming. I don’t know how to get through all this.  – from a 16 yr. old girl

These past few months have been difficult, but somehow you’ve helped me see the light in things even at their darkest. Thank you for letting me feel your presence despite all my faults. Please continue to bless my family. I hope my husband does well with school. He is so excited about it. He really wants to be on the president’s list. I hope he does. Thank you for that gift. My little one is so smart, thank you for that gift. My boss and my friends and my mom have been wonderful, thank you for making them part of me or my life. Please continue to give me strength to go through all our hardships and to not lose faith that You will take care of us. My Mom has her own set of troubles too, please do help her. She is a very special woman who has great faith in you. She needs you so much. Thank you God!

I know that you are always there to hear us. Thank you for the blood of Jesus that enables us to have a relationship with you. Father please when will our family be ok? They need to want you more than all other things in this world. Please help them to do that amen 

god please dont let her yell at me or hit me today please let every thing go smooth dont let her bring up nuthing about whats benn going on let her say i can watch t.v and i can sleep back in the bed let her give me another chance please god im asking you for your help god please help me god please

What are you praying for? What joys or concerns do you have on your heart?

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