Our Pastor

Our pastor has a thankless job,
In many different ways;
He gets lots of helpful hints,
But gets so little praise!

The time he has is not his own–
He’s not like other men;
Right when he thinks his time is his,
There rings that phone again!

Someone is sick and needs some advice,
And asks for him to call;
And as God’s man they know he’ll come,
And hardly mind at all.

The wisdom of King Solomon
Is all he needs each day;
To lead his flock and keep them safe,
From Satan’s cunning ways!

Like Jesus he prays for his sheep–
Prays faith will never dim;
But when we lift our prayers to God,
How many pray for him?

So let’s be faithful to the one,
Who helps us day by day,
Let’s not forget the man of God,
When we kneel down to pray!

–from The Sawdust Trail

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3 thoughts on “Our Pastor

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    • Ben,
      As you may have figured out, I am also a pastor and have found my heart breaking for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling to remain faithful to the calling God has placed on their lives. Through these past years there have been too many times that I wanted to walk away from the hurtful remarks and personal attacks. Each time I found myself in that place, God brought me a ministry partner to pray for me and to help me move towards the next step. I am so grateful for these prayer warriors!

      I pray that you too may be surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses.
      In Christ,

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