Going with the Flow

Had this in my file from some time ago. It spoke to me again today. Not sure why ~ What does it say to you?

A Taoist story tells of an old man who accidentally fell into the river rapids leading to a high and dangerous waterfall. Onlookers feared for his life. Miraculously, he came out alive and unharmed downstream at the bottom of the falls. People asked him how he managed to survive. “I accommodated myself to the water, not the water to me. Without thinking, I allowed myself to be shaped by it. Plunging into the swirl, I came out with the swirl. This is how I survived.”

Copy of an old conversation between “facebook friends”:

  • Friend A (status): “There have been a number of recent headlines and stories that just make me want to cringe! Everything from “Muslim Groups Planning to Build A Mosque at Ground Zero in NYC”. This is a headline from the New York Times. Is it just me, or does this appear to be a slap in the face to the victims of ‘911?”
  • Friend B: “It’s a definite slap and time for the Obamanation to slap back. Think that will happen?”
  • Friend C: “Just who (including the Muslim groups) would think it was anywhere CLOSE to a good idea??”
  • Me: (paraphrase) Maybe we (Christians) should extend a hand of mercy and forgiveness and understanding and especially the love of Christ. I am really surprised by the vileness of these statements coming from someone called to lead a church!
  • Friend B: “I hope your call to love is never tested like the NY situation. Like if all the members of your family were killed by a crazed person, then, next week, his brother, father, and sister-in-law moved next door. I gotta say, your piety would be lots more than mine.”
  • Me: “Do you think that your statement above – “all the members of your family were killed by a crazed person, then, next week, his brother, father, and sister-in-law moved next door” – is bordering on extremist itself? Or at least an exaggerated example of reality?”
  • Me: the call to love has been and continues to be tested in a very personal and similar way.Yes, it was murder. Yes it was very close family. Yes it has been and continues to be difficult. Oh, and yes, I work hard at my piety so as to not be pious. 🙂

One thought on “Going with the Flow

  1. So we were just talking about this last night in youth group. I believe that the water is God’s way or will for us. While the rocks are the temptations and evils of earthly desires. When a person is just thrown into the rapids of modern life its so scary. You know you are surrounded by Gods grace and will but earth throws stuff in your path. The believer ( one who is extremely secure in faith and God’s will) would not even be phased by the rocks. They would see Gods will and become one with it. Where as the rest of us stand in awe at that. We recognize the earthly desires. We see everything and we try to get out of their way, but in doing so, we end up pushing against Gods will to move. When what we should do is just relax and float. But really, who has the strength in this day and age to not be phased by earthly desires?

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