Fathers need to be involved

A message for my dad:

Today is Father’s Day. Some of us get to celebrate with dad or maybe share a phone call. Others are left only with their memories. Most, we hope, find those memories pleasant, as fathers are critical to family success.

Run a Google search on the Internet on “importance of fathers,” and the search will return almost 34 million results. No doubt there is some duplication of sources, but you find everyone from President Barack Obama to the Heritage Foundation to universities and various levels of government, among others, stressing the importance of fathers. Limit that search to one on the statistics of the importance of fathers and you still get 10,000,000 results.

Dadsworld.com, which calls itself the world’s leading website for dads, offers these numbers:

• 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.

• 63 percent of teen suicides come from fatherless homes.

• 85 percent of all youths in prisons come from fatherless homes.

• 90 percent of all runaways and homeless children are from fatherless homes.

• Children with fathers who are involved are more likely to get A’s in school.

• Even in high-crime areas, 90 percent of children from stable, two-parent homes where the father is involved do not become delinquents.

Dadsworld.com’s statistics — and there are many more cited — come from a variety of sources, but they all point to the same thing: Children are better off and become better adults when dad is involved in their lives. (More on this story can be found at: The Gadsden Times)

You taught me compassion, fairness, Godliness and the value of hard work. There were lessons in responsibility (babysitting for the younger sibs) , and how to change my own car tire (independence?). I also learned that life wasn’t always fair, but it’s possible to have a great time for a Friday Family dinner at Burger King! You know there is much more you taught me, but above it all I hope I learned the most valuable lesson of all – family is precious and friends are to be treasured.
Love you Daddy ~


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