Methodist Church ‘blind sided’ by book mailing

Salina Sialega
Managing Editor

Three trustees from the Chino Valley United Methodist Church, which is between having a pastor on staff, said they were “blind-sided” by a mass mailing of a book called “The Secret Terrorists” and speaker invitation sent to Chino Valley residences and post office boxes in early June. And, they say, they are completely innocent of both.

Soon after the mailing, people started calling and writing to the church complaining about the book’s offensive material toward the Catholic Church and its branch of scholars called the Jesuit.

One letter the church received in response to the mailing was so threatening, the trustees said they reported it to the Chino Valley Police.

Police said the letter writer stated that the ‘speaker, Bill Hughes would be “going home in a box” if they got a chance.’ As of Monday afternoon, police had not contacted with Mr. Hughes and hadn’t yet determined if letter writer is using his or her real name or an alias. Police say records checks revealed no further information and/or contactsand they are not releasing the name pending further investigation.

Trustees Don Drentlaw, Ralph Wise and Pete Mensing said their church didn’t send the book or invitation but that a small church that uses their church building on Saturdays did. The invitation only told people to come to the Methodist Church on July 2 to hear the speaker but failed to say that the Chino Valley Bible Sabbath Church is hosting the speaker.

“I am shocked that they would want to hold this here,” Mensing said, comparing the book’s content to the “Conspiracy Theory.”

“It’s too controversial; it hurts a portion of our community,” he said.

Wise added, “They should’ve come to us first. This never would’ve gotten out of control.”

Not knowing the actual hosts of guest speaker, people blamed the Methodist Church, and said they were “shocked and appalled,” “felt violated,” and called the material a “hate crime.”

Two elders from the Bible Sabbath Church, Pete Sanchez and Abraham Verduzco, call their church a “self-supporting” church of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They have no pastor on staff and instead say that all members are lay pastors. Although they stand by the book’s content, they didn’t know about the mass mailing or that the invitation omitted their church name as hosts. In fact, their church had planned its own advertising for the speaker.

“It’s not a hate a hate book; it’s a warning book,” Sanchez said. “The truth is truth. It cannot be changed.”

To read the full article, follow this link.

** From a description of the book found on : “This enemy has infiltrated the highest levels and departments of the U.S. government, and poses an extreme danger to America.”

Reviews: “This book (pamphlet?) is merely anti-catholicism propaganda. Premise? That the Jesuits caused all evil, from every assassinated US President to the sinking of the Titanic.
It reads like every other conspiratorial book. Simply replace the Jesuits with the Jews, the Arabs, International Bankers, the Rothschilds, or the Rockefellers.
The story is the same in each case, just the main character changes.”

“This is one of the few very informative books I have ever read. It gets strait to the heart of the matter. No smoke and mirrors like our so called news today. EVERYONE who wants to know the ugly TRUTH should read this book.”


3 thoughts on “Methodist Church ‘blind sided’ by book mailing

  1. Additionally I have a blog here myself On it is a post that gives people who are not familiar with Seventh-Day Adventism an excellent primer. It is an interview with Todd Friel from the Christian program Wretched Radio. He is interviewing one of my friends who has a Ministry called Former Adventist Fellowship (

  2. Although it is sad to read, you shouldn’t be surprised. What you ran into is one of the typical teachings of Seventh-Day Adventism. I know as I was one until I was led out by the Holy Spirit in 2009 and became a Christian.

    While there is a spectrum of Anti-Catholic hatred in the Church–it stems from one of their false core teachings which is ALL non-Seventh-Day Adventist Churches worship on Sunday in Allegiance to the power of the Pope whom they claim changed Sabbath to Sunday. This teaching was confirmed by the SDA Church Prophet when she was in vision. There are some who believe all Christian churches have been infiltrated buy the RCC specifically the Jesuits.

    There is a book that was published very early on in the SDA cults beginnings. It is called The Lord’s Day. If you are interested I recently reformatted it into the Kindle format and the iPad/IPhone format. Although I am selling these reformatted material on Amazon and Barnes and Noble you can d/l them free from by blog. It should shed light on this business why many of their hate and fear Roman Catholics.

    If you want to dialogue more let me know. God Bless.

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