5 on Friday ~ Revelations

So, here are a few revelations into who I am so that you may get to know me a little better. (More importantly, they are things that are helping me know me better!)

  1. I don’t like being alone as much as I thought I did. Not the sense of being by myself, but of feeling isolated, separated from people.
  2. There are more people in the world (in my small part of the world!) that are more “assertive” or strident than I am than I could have ever imagined!
  3. I love my husband. I mean, really – LOVE – my husband. To a depth that there are no words for. My kids … well, I love them also, but still thinking if there are words for that kind of love! 😉
  4. I know more things than I thought I knew and I am learning more than I really ever wanted to know ~ and I am having fun in the process!!!
  5. There are people who care for me, who care about me, who pray for me and remember me and think about me ~ and some of them I don’t even know. How humbling that is for me.

So, that’s my five revelations this week. Have you had any recent revelations that you want to share? I can tell you in all honesty – I want to hear them!



One thought on “5 on Friday ~ Revelations

  1. I found that I need to be alone more than I thought, but also need contact with friends and relatives. Being alone gives me much-needed peace.

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