Reporting Church Statistics

The late Roland Q. Leavell in his book, Evangelism: Christ’s Imperative Commission, stated that of all the reported Church members: 

5 per cent do not exist, 
   10 per cent cannot be found, 
   20 per cent never pray, 
   25 per cent never read the Bible, 
   30 per cent never attend Church services, 
   40 per cent never give any money to the church, 
   50 per cent never go to Sunday School, 
   60 per cent never go to Church Sunday night, 
   70 per cent never give to missions, 
   80 per cent never go to prayer meeting, 
   90 per cent never have family worship, and 
   95 per cent never win a soul to Christ. 

If these statistics are correct, they simply mean that as far as evangelism is concerned only 5 per cent of the Church members are obedient to Christ. Personally, I wonder if this figure is actually rather high. And I wonder how accurate the figures are that are reported by clergy. From some of the examples that I have seen, there are clergy who are not giving a true accounting.

4 thoughts on “Reporting Church Statistics

  1. Whether these particular statistics are completely accurate or not, their general sense is very true. American Christianity has drifted far, far from its moorings. A different Christianity has been created that, despite all the work and attendance, the opposite of what the Lord intended has happened. We no longer resemble the community of the first century at all, and have instituted customs that most fear to veer from. It has become much more about control, worldliness, bowing to the culture, and overall division, and much, much less about love and unity. If we do things HIS way, we will get HIS results. There are presently two distinct forms of Christianity in America now, the Real and the Unreal. I discuss this clearly in my latest article, “Progression Regression: The World is Going to Hell.” Thanks for the post.

    • I think it is quite possible that we have moved from Christianity to Churchianity in many North American communities. Where the institution of the church takes priority over living a sacrificial life as a disciple of Christ.. Think about what a coup it is for churches to say that the Governor or so-and-so State Senator is a member.

      I’m still thinking on this a bit – but always trying to keep Jesus Christ at the center of my discernment!
      Many Blessings,

    • I think those numbers are interesting also, but I wonder if Protestant churches are getting smaller because Christians have forgotten to live as Christ-followers? Maybe we would see those numbers change – dramatically!
      Thank you for commenting and stopping by – I appreciate the conversation!
      Many Blessings,

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