Prayers to Share

Prayer for Divine Blessing upon the Work of One’s Calling

Lord God! Thou hast assigned work to every man according to his abilities, and it is Thy will, that we should eat our daily bread in the sweat of our face, until we return again unto dust, and that we should live by the work of our hands and prosper; behold, upon Thy word I will begin anew the work of my calling, grant that my efforts and labors be not in vain, but help that I may work with my hands the thing which is good, that I may have to give to him that needeth. Bestow upon me Thy favor and blessing (more)

Prayer for Tuesday Evening

O eternal and merciful God, God of all riches, who art in heaven, I most heartily thank Thee for Thy great mercy and paternal providence by which Thou hast again permitted me to end this day in the enjoyment of health. And since I, alas! have not spent this day to Thy praise and honor, and the welfare of my neighbor, inasmuch as my depraved nature is always inclined more to evil than to good, help, Thou faithful (more)

A Prayer for This Day

Lord Jesus, you were called the friend of sinners, be my friend, for I acknowledge that I have sinned. Forgive the wrong that I have done and the right that I have failed to do; my secret and my more open sins; my sins of ignorance and my deliberate sins; sins to please myself and sins to please others; the sins which I remember, and the sins which I have forgotten; forgive all these, for it was for me also that (more)



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