Church Receives two Fake Money Orders in Offering plate

By Maria LockwoodSuperior Telegram

The last place parishioners of Faith United Methodist Church expected to find bogus money was in the offering plate. But during a July 24 worship service in Billings Park, someone dropped not one but two fake money orders in the plate.

“It kind of boggles my mind,” said Joel Certa-Werner, church pastor.

Each of the counterfeit money orders was for just under $1,000. No name was listed in either the “to” or “from” sections. And some of the letters were upside down.

The people tallying up the offering got suspicious.

“The amount was large, almost $2,000,” Certa-Werner said. “They wanted to make sure they were legitimate before processing them.”

When the church office manager brought the money orders down to the Superior Post Office, employees confirmed they were fake.

It’s the first time such a baffling situation has occurred at the Superior church.

“I’m hoping to give the benefit of the doubt,” Certa-Werner said. Maybe the donor thought the money orders were legitimate and just wanted to help the church, he said.

For the rest of the story, go to this link.

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