Mt. Tabor Methodist holds first service inside renovated church

Written by Jennifer Meckles

Spring tornadoes severely damaged Mount Tabor Methodist Church, and took the lives of three members. After months of rebuilding, the church held its first service inside the sanctuary Sunday.

When the April 27th EF2 tornado hit the Camp Creek community, the church’s walls were blown in, and the steeple blown off.

Pastor Joseph Miller estimated nearly $70,000 worth of damage.

“These people find their strength from those mountains, and I think they’ve decided that they’re not going to let something stop them. So they’ve decided to work as hard and diligently as they can to build this church back,” he said.

While waiting for their church to be rebuilt, members have met at neighboring Bethesda United Methodist Church as well as their own church basement.

Sunday morning, everyone was thrilled to be back in their own building.

“The members of this church wanted to be at home,” said Miller. “I think it will be a kind of mixed emotion. We’ll be joyful about it, and we’ll also be thinking of the memory of the folks that were serving here.”

Members Marty and Brenda Myers and Gene Harrison all lost their lives in the storm. Their family members attended Sunday.

“I think its the spirit of the people here, that they’re not going to let something like this devastate us. They’ve gathered strength in themselves and trust that they can do it,” Miller said.



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