What happens at band camp …..

Three high school students allegedly passed out marijuana-laced brownies to 23 unwitting classmates at a summer band camp in O’Fallon, Illinois. The students who ate the brownies did not know the brownies contained any drugs, but also didn’t notice any effects from the marijuana.

The three student “bakers” could face criminal charges — giving out drugs to unknowing recipients can obviously be a health hazard.

Police Chief John Betten remarked that band camp is “one of the last places where you would expect something like this to happen.”

“Any time anybody is given drugs or something else without their knowledge that can obviously be a health hazard,” O’Fallon police Sgt. Rob Schmidtke said. “We won’t let this slide. It could have been a very big deal.”

He said police are still investigating. The high school will be taking action, he said.

Police also said they learned of the prank after one of the involved students told another what they had done, and that student told a school official.

Schmidtke said he was unsure whether the brownies had been tested yet to confirm they were laced with marijuana, but based on what the students confessed to, “it could have been an interesting band practice.”

Police further stated that “No charges have been filed at this point and the case is still under investigation,” and that fortunately there were no “reports of problems” for any of the band members that ingested the pot-laced baked goods.

“Maybe [the teens] didn’t do a very good job of making them”.

[Compiled from various news sources]

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